Everesting Singapore – The Wrap

Everesting Singapore - At the end - Iron Mike Musing

Everesting in Singapore is possibly one of the greatest challenges you could undertake, one which I’m happy to have attempted. At this moment in time it beat me, but I will regroup and re-attempt shortly.

I want to thank anyone who took the time to donate, share, like, comment, join us for a short or long time on Saturday or simply post anything about the attempt. Every single one of you made this attempt a success.

Race Review – Masters Tour of Chiang Mai 2017

2017 Masters Tour of Chiang Mai

The 7th edition of Masters Tour of Chiang Mai ran between 21st and 24th of October. What a great 4 days of racing it was. The 2nd year I have raced and arguably in a harder field than the previous year. Strong representation from Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand teams saw most fields packed with talent. The yellow jersey swapped shoulders each day and it was, in the end, a climbers race.