About Iron Mike

Why read a bunch of stuff written by some guy named “Iron Mike”?

Who is Iron Mike?

Mike rode for Singapore based race team Allied World – Treknology3.

Mike started cycling by commuting in London, on a fixie, circa 2011 and really loved riding. Moving away from London around 2013 meant a (temporary) stop to cycling.

A resurgence in interest occurred shortly after moving to Singapore in 2014 when Mike bought another fixie and joined cycling group ANZA Cycling for some weekend rides. It didn’t take long before he entered a road race and that’s when the fire really ignited.

Fast forward and Mikes involvement in the cycling community took shape in the form of organising cycling trips, traveling internationally to race, running skills sessions and starting this blog. Mike was always looking to help grow the community and help out where possible. Ultimately taking a position on the organising committee of ANZA Cycling in the role of Road Director.

Where is Iron Mike now?

In 2019 life events unfolded which meant Mike’s time in Singpoare had come to an end. And with it the regular updates of this blog. This page now serves as a place holder for information and hopefully you find it useful.

You can stay up to date with Mikes adventures on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.