April ANZA Individual Time Trial

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The racing landscape is still relatively sparse in Singapore so a few members in ANZA, took it upon themselves to start a little friendly challenge on a Strava segment.

Borrowing the idea from the Athlete Lab, today was the day it started for ANZA.

This morning 4 riders set out to put themselves against the clock. Given Tour of Friendship started today and the Car Free Sunday One North Crit is on tomorrow morning i’d say it’s a good start.

The segment is 12.3 kilometres long, starting at Coast Guard and finishing along Old Choa Chu Kang.

Riding the ITT course

Rolling south from Coast Guard you are faced with 2 ramps which are of average road quality, making it difficult to set a rhythm early.

Once you are past the rollers the road undulates. Enjoy the positive gradient until you are at the start of Lim Chu Kang.

From here it’s exposed to wind and continues to climb at a stable 0.5% gradient. Once you crest the gradient continue to push to Old Choa Chu Kang.

Turn left at Old Choa Chu Kang and the gradient is a net negative until the final. You still have 2 sharp ramps to contend with before the finish.

The finish line is just shy of the traffic lights at Bricklands Road with enough time to stop without breaking your rhythm for the lights.

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ANZA ITT April Results


  1. Jason Tonich completed the course in 19:16 at an average speed of 38.3 kph.
  2. Scot McKenzie completed the course in 20:04 at an average speed of 36.8 kph.
  3. Andrew Cherriman completed the course in 21:46 at an average speed of 33.9 kph.


  1. Lizzie Hodges completed the course in 20:23 at an average speed of 36.2 kph.

What does it all mean

If you are looking to get a bit of practice for ITT’s, have a race coming up, or a triathlon in the near future this is a great challenge. It’s also a chance to get a little be serious about training and an opportunity to set yourself a goal to work towards.

The AthleteLab ITT runs every month on the first Sunday of the month. Pop into the Lab and chat with one of the guys there for the details.

The ANZA ITT will run periodically, so look out for the next announcement on the ANZA Facebook page.

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