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New Years Resolutions - Iron Mike Musing

The festive season is upon us as the year draws to a close, and what better time to relax, put your feet (and legs) up and reflect on your year of achievements. Now is also the time of year where every cyclist should set some New Years resolutions.

Setting new years resolutions is a bit, cliché, however I find it does me good to have a plan. At the same time I pencil the calendar for the year ahead.

9 New Years resolutions for every cyclist in 2018

Hitting multiple points at once can be an easy way to feel great! If however the challenge is what drives your motivation, try to hit each point separately. For instance completeing your longest ride in a new country, try and plan an even longer ride later in the year.

1. Enter a race

Nothing is more motivating than a bit of competition. After entering a race, your training will naturally become amplified as you have a tangible goal, with a date, to work towards. It’s amazing how much focus you will find leading up to a race.

Have a read through previous blog posts to get some tips on working up to racing. Concerns before entering a race. How to prepare for a race.

Stuck for race ideas? Checkout the Calendar for races in Singapore and the region.

2. Complete your longest ride

Another major milestone for every cyclist should be to plan and ride your longest ride. Yes, every year!

If you cracked the 200 kilometre milestone this year, try and crack 250 kilometre or 300 kilometre next year! If you’re still working up to larger rides and haven’t yet cracked a 50 kilometre or 100 kilometre ride, plan a route and get to pedalling.

It’s strangely addictive to complete longer and longer rides, and really does push your mental and physical abilities releasing those wonderful endorphin’s we all love.

Audax Singapore run events throughout the year ranging from 200-1200 kilometres in length.

I will be organising some ANZA Club trips with longer distances so check back in early Jan for details.

3. Explore new routes and roads

Stuck riding the same routes every week? Add some variety by reversing the route, or finding some new staple routes. It will not only revitalise your motivation but also provide new challenges and new town signs to sprint for.

Exploring new roads can almost be as good as exploring a new country. Checkout popular Singapore cycling routes.

4. Ride in a new country

What could be better than travelling and riding your bike? Exploring a new city or country by bike can give you a real feeling of how beautiful the area is. Seeing things by bike will give you a unique perspective which is different to the standard tourist trail.

Not yet confident planning or finding routes in new country? Not to worry, the best place to start is on Strava heatmaps. The second best option is to do a web search for local clubs or routes. The third option is to find a local touring company.

Perhaps the order of these 3 is interchangeable, whatever the case may be, riding in a new country will make for great memories and challenging routes.

5. Go Multi Discipline

Multiple discipline riding is not only fun, it can make for better bike skills and confidence in your primary discipline.

Take for instance the road rider who picks up CX. Given the nature of CX surfaces and trails, normal bike handling skills will be tested, and forced to adapt to the varied surfaces. The same can be said for MTB.

BikeRadar have some good videos on the benefits of riding offroad – Easy Hard makes Hard EasyTop 5 – Reasons Road Cyclists Should Try Mountain Biking.

6. Make a new cycling friend

Tired of riding with the same people? Looking for a change? Making new cycling friends will open up the possibilities to challenge yourself in different ways on the bike.

Tried riding a slower group and had to keep your excitement in check? It can be difficult and challenging, fear not as it can be also be super rewarding.

Riding with friends is what bike rides are all about.

7. Go on a mechanics course

Learning new skills is something every cyclist loves doing. Think about learning to bunny hop, track stand or unclipping on your non preferred side.

Learning to fix a bike is no different. It will certainly empower every rider.

It can be relatively quick and easy to change your chain, tyres, tubes, wheels, and even building a bike from scratch might not take as long as you think once you know how.

8. Join a Club (or get more involved)

One thing that makes cycling so great is club rides. If you are club-less, the new year is a great time to join! There are many types of clubs and different stroke for different folk. Sound advice says that contacting members of your local club is the first course of action.

Try get out with the club for a few rides, meet the members and get a feel for the club. You should ask questions that are relevant to you; Does the club enter races? Does the club hold races? Are there club trips? What does membership yield you? What obligations will you have?

Giving back to your club can not only feel great but also help out new members. How can you help out?

  • Ride your bike
  • Assist in running trips
  • Encourage safe cycling
  • Introduce your friends to club cycling

The list is nearly endless! Whatever you do, enjoy your cycling.

9. Give back to the community

Helping out at the next race can be as simple as going down to watch and cheer on your friends. You could introduce new friends to cycling, or you could volenteer at the next event.

Checkout how you can give back to your club and community.

Wrapping Up 2017

Planning next year can become a bit of a downer if you feel like this year wasn’t your best. It’s important to stop and look back at what you have achieved. Give yourself a pat on the back.

More than likely there were some things you’ve forgotten about, or perhaps some funny memories you recall when thinking about the year gone. Sometimes you will have achieved your goals or milestones, but in a round about way.

Peace out and enjoy your end of year celebrations. For me, I’m ready for some time off. Catch you all in 2018.

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