Singapore Cycling Routes and Rides

Singapore Cycling Routes Map

With the cycling landscape in Singapore limited, it’s good to know the staple local cycling routes and rides.

The fact there aren’t many places to cycle longer than 10 minutes without hitting lights, crossroads or traffic; one looks for roads and routes which add some excitement, distance and variety. There are a few options, the tried and true cycling routes and then there are international routes. Lets take a look at the best places to cycling in Singapore:

Cycling Routes in Singapore

International Cycling Routes near Singapore (longer uninterrupted rides)




This page is constantly being updated so check back frequently for new routes and write ups. If there are any spots you know please feel free to drop me a message and I can include them here.


2 thoughts on “Singapore Cycling Routes and Rides

  1. Thx for the tipps! Nice roads in the northeast: Admiralty Rd, Yishun Dam, around Seletar. If you take Upp Thomson/Mandai Rd to get there it doesn't necessarily have to be RTI only.

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